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Hey y'all!

My name is Bianca, I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Arkansas. I provide therapeutic services that allow people to destress, relax, and find pain relief. In our ever changing world, remember to find time for yourself to heal whether it comes from physical or mental stressors. Massage is a great addition to your health care and self-care. I am located in Gentry, Arkansas. I look forward to meeting you!

All About Me

 I graduated from Blue Cliff College in July 2020 and have since worked with University of Arkansas athletes in addition to my own clients. As a massage therapist, I focus on therapeutic and goal-oriented massage for those dealing with pain as well as recovering from injuries. My primary modalities are Deep tissue, NMT, Reflexology, LDM, and Prenatal massage. I also provide Sports massage to athletes to prevent and recover from injury as well as support the athlete in reaching peak performance and helping them unwind after competition. I have worked with athletes from the football, baseball, basketball, and track teams, as well as other competitive sports such as rowing, CrossFit, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

I was born and raised in NWA and have continued to enjoy the area and raising my 2 children. We spend our days together outdoors in nature, splashing in the pool and taking walks or bike rides through the beautiful trails.





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